Prioritising the factors influencing productivity in an Aerospace manufacturing sector: An application of Analytical Hierarchical Process

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Arabinda Swamy, Susanta Kumar Mishra


Increase in Productivity is an important factor for any business as it leads to the betterment in the quality goods and services, which results in greater customer satisfaction and thus resulting in higher profitability for the firm. With the increase in productivity, organisation turn their resources into revenues, which increases the earnings of the shareholders and increases the cash flows, which fuels the future growth and expansion. Continuous improvement in productivity is a desirable function for every organisation and also a prime objective of any organisation. The aim of the paper is to identify the factors affecting the performance of the Indian aerospace manufacturing sector and to suggest suitable improvement techniques for increasing the productivity. At first various factors that affect the productivity are identified by the review of available literature in this field and from the opinions of experts from the Indian aerospace manufacturing sector. By utilizing the expert opinion, questionnaire was formed and same was used as input for AHP model. Considering the results of AHP technique, weights of different factors, the most important factors are identified by prioritizing and using ranking method. The most important factor was identified as Process (41.3%) followed by Human Resource factors (23.1%). The lean philosophy is best suited to control these factors and improve productivity. Accordingly, suitable method was identified for implementation so that to assure success in future.

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