Smart Formland For Crop Prevention And Animal Intrusion Detection

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P.Rama, T.Jeya, T.Tharshiniya


      In This World, Human Beings Cannot Live Without Food. The Foods Are Most Important Things And Are Comes From The Agriculture Land, Such As (Fruits, Vegetables, Etc…). Developing A System Is Necessary For Better Farming And Crop Cultivation. A System Is To Be Proposed Which Will Protect The Farmland From The Animals. The Animals Are A Special Challenge For Farmers Throughout The World. Animals Such As Deer, Wildboars, Cows, Elephant, And Many Others May Cause Serious To Crops.They Can Damage The Plants By Feeding On Plant Parts Or Simply By Running Over The Field And Trampling Over The Crops.The Modern Form Technology, Which Works On Neural Training, Based Computer Vision Algorithm To Recognize The Type Of Animal Using A Camera.These Solution Involve The Use Of Camera To Detect The Real-Time Animal Intrusion And Activate The Repellent To Protect From The Animals.If Any Animals Are Trying To Entire, The Form Field A Text Message Is Sent To The Farmer’s Mobile And Alarm /Buzzer Is Ranged To Indicate The Entry Of Animal In The Form Field. This Research Offers Harmless And User-Friendly Farm Field For Better Agriculture.

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