Face Recognition Attendence Management System

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Ritik Kasotiya, Sagar Raj, Sohail Akhtar


The goal of the project is to create a management system, the number of users based on face recognition, the recognition of the key image is used in a number of areas. The purpose of the organization is to show the facial features of the applicant's identity. On the face of the procedure is, in principle, a two-stage, more accurate, face recognition, and face recognition is a system used to manage the number of users who are able to carry out day to day activities, labeling, and analyzing involvement with a minimum of human intervention. User is not required to wait in queue as attendance of multiple people can be recorded at once by simultaneous recognition of faces of multiple people. According to current scenario of covid-19 we proposed this system for preventing infection due to contact and to maintain social distancing. In this project, by using OpenCV library facial recognition based attendance management system is developed the attendance results will be stored in the MySQL database.

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