Online Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in India- A Reality A Case Study of the Online Consumer Mediation Centre, Bangalore

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Mr S Kulkarni


The paper seeks to discuss the role played by Universities, such as in encouraging application as well as the development of online modes of dispute resolution through Mediation, in addition to the already existing court referred and court annexed mediations that are prevalent in today’s world. The paper includes doctrinal as well as empirical mode of research and seeks to ensure a case study based approach in analyzing the Online Consumer Mediation Centre (OCMC) started by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The author has tried to strike a comparative analysis between the OCMC and various other global institutions involved in encouraging the use of online dispute settlement tools. By analyzing the pros and cons of the OCMC, the paper also delves into the technical and legislative challenges in implementing such a mechanism of dispute resolution. The final part of the paper analyses the ways in which educational institutions in India have implemented online mediation services to speed up the justice delivery system in India along with suggestions and recommendations which may help in improving the present system.

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