A Study on Lean Principle Selection in Construction Projects using Analytical Hierarchy Process

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B.S. Adheel , S. Shanmugapriya


Purpose: This paper aims to achieve a study in which the analytical hierarchy process is used for the selection of the best lean principle that can be implemented in the construction industry.

Design /Methodology: The difficulty in choosing the lean principles faced by the construction companies is to be addressed in this paper. The method includes the conduction of direct interviews with the experts from the construction industry after identification of influential factors, the judgmental scores obtained from the respondents are used in the AHP method to find out the best lean principles from the alternatives.

Findings: The results indicated that AHP is a successful method that helps in avoiding the difficulty in the selection process of the best lean principle in a construction company.

Research limitations: The study targets only the selection of lean principles in the construction industry. A study must be initiated to check whether the selected lean principle will be compatible with that construction firm during the implementation process.

Practical implications: The utilization of the perspective will specify that AHP allows the best lean principle selection in the construction industry

Originality/value: The research provides an ease in the lean selection problems in the construction projects

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