Alisher Navoi And Abdurahman Jamiy: Tatabu To The Ghazals Of Khofiz Sherazi

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Nargiza Shoaliyeva, Feruza.A Nizamova


To Determine The Criteria For The Attitude Of Jami And Navoi Towards Khafiz's Ghazals A Review Of The Tatabu Written By These Two Contemporary Poets On One Of Khafiz's Ghazals May Give The Expected Result. It Should Also Be Noted That During This Period It Was Customary For Various Poets To Write Nazir Or Tatabba In A Ghazal. According To The Writings Of Radoyf Ul-Ash'ar (A Collection Of Tatabu Written By Various Poets On The Famous Ghazal), Compiled By The Poet Fakhri Gerati, Who Translated The “Majolis Un-Nafois” Into Persian, The Most Frequently Used Collection Of Ghazals In The Literary Environment Of Herat Belongs To Hafiz Shirazi. It Can Also Be Concluded That The Bulk Of The Written Tatabu Belongs To The Representatives Of The Literary Environment Of Hirat, Headed By Jami And Navoi, That Writing The Answer To The Ghazal Was A Kind Of Creative Competition, A Kind Of Exchange Of Experience In A Positive Sense.

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