Shrine Of Goyibnazar Miyаnkoliy

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Mekhrojiddin U. Amonov, Dildora V. Musinova


  The article examines the history of Goyibnazar Miyonkoliy, one of the murshids of the Sufi Allahyar branch of the Nakshbandi-Mujaddidid sect of Central Asia in the XVIII-XIX centuries and the history of his shrine. Observations have revealed that the tomb of the caliph Goyibnazar Miyonkoliy is located in the Sarimazor shrine in the present-day city of Kattakurgan. The research also revealed that the son of Caliph Goyibnazar Miyankoliy was Caliph Abdul Vahid Mahdum, his son was Caliph Abdullah Mahdum, his son was Mullah Nematullah Mahdum, and his son was Mukhammad Ochildimurod. Mukhammad Ochildimurod (1830-1899) was a poet and calligrapher who wrote under the pseudonym Miri. The tomb of Goyibnazar Miyankoliy, who worked in the Sufi Allahyar network of the Nakshbandi-Mujaddidia series, was identified on the basis of sources, and we were able to obtain valuable information about his life and activities. It can be seen that Goyibnazar Miyonkoliy, who worked in Central Asia as a Nakshbandi-Mujaddidi sect, made a worthy contribution to the spread of this sect throughout Central Asia.

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