Civil Society And Youth Legal Culture

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Khamida Tuychieva


The Formation Of High Legal Consciousness And The Promotion Of Legal Culture, And Ensuring The Rule Of Law Are Necessary Not Only In Building Today's Civil Society But Also For Generations. Today, It Is Important For Everyone To Be Educated, Especially Youth, To Be Literate In Legal Terms, Know The Value Of A Person, Realize Their National Values, National Identity, And Struggle For The Worthy Place Of Uzbekistan In The World Community.

 This Article Describes Uzbekistan Youth's Current Conditions And Creating Their Legal Framework; Promoting Youth Law Awareness Is One Of The Main Factors In Building A Civil Society.

It Is Worth Noting That The Work Aimed At Increasing The Legal Literacy Level Of The Growing Younger Generation With Legal Subjects' Training And Their Education Is Of Particular Importance.

Legal Education Aims To Understand The Level Of An Individual's Legal Consciousness, The Most Common Legal Principles And Norms That Meet A Person's Interests, Society, And State.

The Creation Of Educational Technologies Adapted To The Socio-Pedagogical Conditions Of Uzbekistan And Their Application In Legal Education Practice Require The Followings:

  • The Use Of The Most Advanced Pedagogical Measures To Accelerate And Improve The Effectiveness Of Legal Education;

  • Application Of The Positive Aspects Of Written And Oral Methods In Traditional Teaching System;

  • A Systematic Explanation Of The Legal Information Since They Are Increasing;

  • Development Of Each Person's Potential Opportunities.

Youth Will Be Socially Active In Civil Society When They Understand Legal Norms And Legal Events, Apply The Concepts Of Law In Practical Activities, Analyze Individual And Citizens' Fundamental Rights And Duties, And Distinguish Specific Property And Forms Of Ownership.

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