Writing Style And Methodology Of Abu Mansur Motirudi`S Works

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Makhsudov Davron Rustamovich, Sodikov Jurabek Sobirboevich


It Is Well Known That The Maturidi Doctrine Is One Of The Two Main Schools Of Islamic Theology. Undoubtedly, The Influence Of The Works Of Abu Mansur Maturidi On The Popularity And Recognition Of This School Was Great. There Are Two Surviving Works By Moturidi. The One Is “Kitab At-Tawhid”, A Book Dedicated To The Beliefs Of The Ahl As-Sunnah. The Other Is “Ta'vilot Ahli-S-Sunnah”, An Interpretation, Explanation And Commentary Of Quran. In This Commentary, As Well, The Verses Of The Quran Are Interpreted Mainly From The Point Of View Of Aqidah (Creed). These Two Works Served As The Cornerstone (Basis) Of The Maturidi School Of Theology. Therefore, The Study Of The Maturidi Doctrine, Its Specific Aspects Begins With The Study Of Imam Maturidi`S Works. In Order To Understand And Comprehend The Essence Of A Work, It Is Important To Know The Writing Style And Methodology Of It.

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