Theological Polemics In The Interpretation Of Al-Fatiha From "Tafsir" Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi "Ta'wilat Ahl As-Sunnah"

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Adygamov R.K


The Ideas Of Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi Played A Significant Role In Forming The Worldview Of Muslims Of Central Asia And Russia, Afghanistan, India, The Middle East, The Sunnis Of Iran, And Even Muslims Of Some European Countries. So, The Study Of His Works And Analysis Of Ideas Considered Very Urgently.

This Article Would Explore The Features And Methodology Of Tafsir "Ta'wilat Ahl Sunnah", Identify The Author's Sources Used In Writing This Work, Analyze The Tafsir Surah "Al-Fatiha", And Identify The Ideas Of Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi.

The Source Base Of The Study Was The Published Theologian Verses Of Tafsir. This Study Used The Methods Of Analysis And Synthesis And The Historical And Comparative Method. The Method Of Analysis Was Used To Identify The Problems Of Tafsir. It Allowed Us To Identify The Primary Methodology Of The Work, Its Sources, Features, And The Main Issues Of Islamic Law And Faith In The Interpretation Of Surah "Al-Fatiha". It Was Revealed That The Theologian Raised Issues Related To "Bismillah", The Obligation To Read Al-Fatiha In Prayer, Divined Attributes, And Istita'a. Also, We Compared The Tafsir Al-Maturidi With The Well-Known Tafsir “Ta-Tabari” And Find That The That Tafsir Of Al-Maturidi Has The Same Significance As Tafsir Of At-Tabari. The Synthesis Of The Obtained Data Made It Possible To Conclude That Al-Maturidi, Within The Framework Of The Interpretation Of The Surah "Al-Fatiha", Spoke With The Apologetics Of The Hanafi Theological School.

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