"Dhikr" As A Psychological Method Of Summoning Mystical States In Sufism

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The Article Described Some Of The Dhikr Features As Psychological Ways To Acquire Mystical States (Hol). Tasawwuf Is A State Of Human Self-Perfection (Solih) Under The Guidance Of A Murshid. The Self-Perfection Process Cannot Be Imagined Without The Participation Of The Mystical "Hol" (The Mystical State). The Mystical State Is Manifested In The Form Of A Feeling Of Joy And Longing, Peace And Embarrassment, And Enters The Hearts (Kalb) Of Spiritual "Wayfarers," I.E., "Solih's." The Origin Of The Mystical State (Hol) Depended On Allah, And Only He Could Give "Solih" A Certain "Hol." However, There Were Specific Ways In Which The Mystical State Is Invoked. It Was Necessary To Consider One Circumstance That The "Solih" Could Use These Methods, But Whether He Would Feel The Mystical "Hol" In Himself Or Not Depended On Allah [3]. Those Psychological Methods Of Invoking Mystical "Hol" Included Dhikr, Hilvat (Seclusion), Samo` (Heaven), And So On. In This Article, Dhikr Is Considered One Of The Psychological Methods Of Acquiring Mystical "Hol." Dhikr Is A Sufi Meditative Spiritual Practice That Consists Of The Repeated Recitation Of A Prayer Formula Containing God's Glorification.

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