Towards Requirements Elicitation and Analysis Model for Distributed Audience

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Muhammad Nadim, Rana M. Amir Latif, Khalid Hussain, NZ Jhanjhi, Mehedi Masud, Saleh Yahya Alyahyan, Riyaz Ahamed Ariyaluran Habeeb


Requirement’s elicitation is a challenging activity and the most important activity for the software development process. Requirement elicitation is the process of gathering information from the user and stakeholders. By reviewing the literature review, there are many challenges involved in the elicitation process, i.e., lack of proper communication and knowledge transfer between software stakeholders. Most of the companies are moving towards a globally distributed environment. Some many problems and challenges occur due to temporal, geographic, and socio-cultural diversity among stakeholders. This study proposes a new approach to the requirements elicitation and analysis phase in a distributed environment with the knowledge management technique that improves the software development process. The purpose of the paper is to develop a distributed framework based on eliciting and analyzing the customer's requirements by implementing a knowledge management technique that efficiently handles and manages the resources of an organization. This study aims to improve the elicitation and analysis process by using knowledge management techniques in a distributed environment. Thus, this study improves software development architecture. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach were evaluated in an empirical study with encouraging results.

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