Multipath Routing Mechanisms for MANET: A Review

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Pappula Sarala, Yarlagadda Sirisha, Pamidi Naga Venkata Siva Kumar


In MANETs, mobile wireless nodes connect to one other and exchange data without depending on a fixed base station or wired network backbone. When it comes to MANET nodes, they tend to be restricted in their availability of power, compute, and memory, as well as their mobility. It is possible that the cellular cell nodes may join the network dynamically and leave the network as well. Wireless network nodes typically need several hops to exchange information with other network nodes owing to the poor contact rate. Routing is, thus, essential in the design of a MANET. In this article, we specifically examine multipath routing in MANETs. By using multipath routing, it is possible to have several routes between a single source node and a single destination.

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