“An Approach for Settlement Analysis by Various Methods: An Immense Review”

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Mr. KishanWidhani, Dr. Basant Kumar


The design of the tall building is necessary for the assessment with the base foundation requirements and techniques so that the ultimate load can be transferred to the subsoil and to make the tall buildings safe against all static loadings. This article presents a detailed review of the literature on pile foundation of tall buildings under multiple soil strata, and also describes the estimation of settlement through various theoretical, experimental and software approaches. Under the present study a rigorous review has been made on the different approaches used by various researchers to find out the correlation between theoretical and actual settlement values of pile and pile group and to predict the limit before failure. The study shows that various statements Duncan-Chang model, Mindlin–Geddes method, Bowles, Schmertmann methods, Hook’s law used in literature survey, helps in finding out the optimized range of pile settlement through numerical approach which is 40% to 75% and the correlation established was in the range of 80% to 95% respectively. Factors considered: load on pile top, pile material grade, soil properties, pile length and number of blows. The software ABAQUS and PLAXIS approach also adopted by few researchers to get the quick and prototype results.

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