A Memoir of Trials and Tribulations A study on Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi’s Me Hijra Me Lakshmi

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B Vijayashree, Dr.C.Geetha


The journey of an exceptional human being, Lakshmi Tripathi, the eldest son of an orthodox Brahmin family who fought against the torturing odds of the society is portrayed in this paper. Lakshmi says it was an unpredictable and unpleasant choice of her to become Hijra. She says, from the mental and physical torments, she made it a point to gain fame and dignity in the society and she proudly presents herself as ‘Hijra’. Hijras in our country have to face too many ordeals, careless oppression and they always hold the scars of the memories and brutal moments that had hurt them. Though the third gender is now officially recognized, accepted and they are free from slavery, they yet go through the obstacles that try to push them down. They have to undergo sexual oppression, lack of education, disintegration from the society and the people; they lose their identity and etc. though they are aware of the injustice happening against women, Lakshmi makes it a point to stand and fight against the exploitation. Though she was fully accepted by her family and there were no hindrances for her to achieve her dreams, the society was a big backdrop. All the trauma and exploitation has made her what she is now. Lakshmi in her autobiography, which she says it did not happen with a plan but with the encouragement of few good souls around her, talks about the inhuman activity that took place upon her and around her.

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