Self-Help Groups Scaling up Economic Empowerment of Maram Tribal Women in Manipur

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Anna Lungbila , Joseph M.K


The Maram Tribal Community is one of the most vulnerable groups in Manipur. The modern advancements of technology and subsequent economic development are beyond the reach of most Maram community members since their human development is far below the national average. The socio-cultural and traditional practices of the community also add their share towards lower socio-economic status, and women in the community have to face multiple challenges in their lives. The introduction of community-based microfinance and the formation of women self-help groups by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) resulted in the positive empowerment of tribal women. 

This paper aims to analyze the economic empowerment situation of Maram tribal women in Manipur. A field study among the women self-help groups reveals that women members have gradual economic empowerment due to microfinance activities. The scaling up of SHG based micro-enterprise shall facilitate the overall development of the Maram tribal community in the long run.

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