Dynamics of Translation as Activism: A Study on Movement Poetry in Regional Literature

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Dr. PRVN Kesava Kumar, Dr. Gomatam Mohana Charyulu, Merugu Indrani, V Indira Mudiraj, Dr. K. Lalitha


Translation is a bridge between regional language and popular language of past, present contributing to the growth various cultures among the world. In a a multicultural country like India, its significance is more influential and also more effective par with the regional language literature. Multiple facets of Indian subcontinent come close from the corner to the corner through translation studies. As result, Writers from different languages and thoughts have started translating their vernacular literature into English and other languages. The voices of anguish, protest, resentment have focused a new dimension located from various folks of the regional literature. The present paper focuses on the movement literature in Translation carried out during Second Phase separate Telangana State Movement of India. Select poetry published during 2000 – 2015 is thrown light and found how effective movement poetry played its role in creating awareness and inspiring the people to take part in  the formation of separate Telangana State.

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