Efficient Hamming Code Encoder & Decoder Using True Random Number Generator

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G. Sai Vineeth, Dr. L. Padma Sree


In this paper, True random number generator (TRNG) based Hamming code encoder and decoder circuit is designed based on Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) logic to achieve error free transmission and reception in digital data communication. It is better to generate the random numbers by using the TRNG frameworks. In the existing, several works are focused on implementation of TRNG by using CMOS technology.  But they consume the greater number of transistors, thus area, power consumption and delay were increasing. To overcome this problem, the TRNG based Hamming Encoder-Decoder is developed with the GDI technology.  The GDI-TRNG will be functioned based on the switchable ring oscillators (SCRO. The simulations are implemented by using the H-spice software, the quantitative analysis of area, power and delay shows the GDI outperforms compared to the state of art approaches.

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