Design Of Air Cooling Rhvt Device Using Unigraphics

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Mohammed Hameeduddin Haqqani, Mohammed Azizuddin, Syed Shuibul Qarnain , Rajamahanti Surya Kiran


Rhvt A Ranque Hilsch Vortex Tube Is A Unique Thermo-Fluidic And Indisputable Device For The Purpose Of The Production Of The Hot And The Cold Temperatures Without Any Mechanical Aid. This Method Which Is Quiet Old In The Industry For The Application Of Centrifugal Swirling Of Two Fluids For The Purpose Of Separation Based On Density. This Method Of Cooling Utilizes Compressed Air To Be Injected Into A Turbulent Fixed Size Of Orifice Tube With Predefines Lengths And Diameters. In This Paper, An Attempt Is Being Made To Collect The Relevant And Proven Data From The Literature Surveys In Order To Collect The Suitable Dimensions For The Purpose Of Designing A New Efficiently Smaller Combined With Unique Features. Some Of The Reasons Attributed For This Kind Of Phenomenon Of Energy Separation Is Drop In The Temperature Due To The Sudden Expansion, Centrifugal Effect, Secondary Circulation And Friction. The Vortex Tube Could Be Used For The Purpose Of Spot Cooling Of Any Area And Machine Cooling Of A Moving Equipment Using An Industrial Compressed Air As The Source. The Use Of Compressed Air Makes The Device Less Susceptible For Breakdown Due To The Fact Being No Moving Parts Used In This System. There Is Also No Proven Facts Of Any Existence Of The Chemical Reactions Within The Vortex Tube.

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