Nationalism and Entrepreneurial Behavior, a Pesantren’s perspective and implementation in Indonesia.

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Segaf; Salim, Ubud ; Aisjah, Siti; Indrawati, Nur Khusniyah


The research background is based on the uniqueness of research site and the importance of nationalism and entrepreneurial behavior in pesantren perspectives. The research background then directing to the aims of research which are to reveal the Pesantren in Indonesia perspectives of nationalism and entrepreneurial behavior.

Reasearch site is choosen in Pesantren Riyadlul Jannah Indonesia for their uniqueness in implementation of entrepreneurship. Hence the research design is employ single case study and the data collected by participant observation during two years period of research between 2018 and 2020. The key informant decided purposively which is the head of pesantren (so called Kyai), continued by snowball method for others informants.

The findings of this study indicate the importance of nationalism as the basis for entrepreneurial behavior. Entrepreneurship is believed to be the backbone of the country's economy but entrepreneurs who base their behavior for the benefit of others, the public, and society of the country are the most needed. PRJ has implementing four principles of nationalism in entrepreneurial behavior, namely first is unity in diversity, second is love for the motherland, third is environmental protection, fourth is helping others.

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