Managing Asset And Inventory In Institute Of Higher Learning Using Model-View-Controller Method

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Taufik Ridzuan, Suzana Basaruddin, Muhammad Fairuz Abdul Rauf, Khairul Annuar Abdullah, Nasruddin Md Rahim, Mohd Azril Amil, Zahrul Azwan Absl Kamarul Adzhar, Zuraidy Adnan, Nur Razia Mohd Suradi, Norhawani Ahmad Teridi, Azilayati Osman, Nur Syufiza Ahmad


An Asset Is Something That Has Value For An Organization. Managing Assets Is Among One Of The Important Activities In Any Institute Of Higher Learning (Ihl). Generally, The Assets In Ihl Can Be Defined As Property Or Possession Derived From Purchases, Hire Purchases, Donations, Grants, Gifts, Or Legislation. These Assets May Be Located At Various Buildings At One Campus Or Spread Out To Different Locations Off-Campus. No Matter Where These Assets Are Located, They Need To Be Tracked And Maintained.


Without A Proper Recording System, It Becomes Difficult For The Ihl To Monitor And Control All The Asset Activities Such As Asset Registration, Asset Location, Asset Movement And Asset Disposition.  With Manual Asset Data Entry Only, It Will Lead To Human Errors, Time Consuming And Misinterpretation. Hence It Will Create Additional Costs To The Ihl.

In View Of The Above Problems, A New Digitized System Named Sistem Pengurusan Aset Dan Inventori (Spai) Was Developed As One Of The Total Campus Management System (Tcms) Module. Spai Has The Goal To Manage The Entire Assets Of The University Which Include Capital Assets, Inventory, And Stocks Effectively And Efficiently. Spai Which Is Placed Under The Authority Of The Asset Management Department (Amd) Is Expected To Be Able To Enable The Management Of University Assets, Especially From The Following Lenses:

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