The Role of E-Marketing in Islamic Education Institution; Educational Reform Based on ICT to Increase Competitiveness

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Akmal Mundiri, Hasan Baharun, Chusnul Muali, Mutiara Sari Dewi, Ika Ratih Sulistiani, Dahlan Abdullah, Raditya Faisal Waliulu, Naz’aina, Cut Ita Erliana


The rapid development of the internet has also contributed to the change in behavior and transformation of educational institutions as one type of service that is closely related to the progress of a nation. This has undermined changes that have also touched the managerial activities of educational institutions including marketing. The change in governance in terms of marketing Islamic education institutions has actually made it easier for the communication and customer information of educational institutions to be easier. The concept of the internet that has no place and time limits, makes it easier for Islamic education institutions to provide product information. This internet marketing system which is more often heard with the term e-marketing. The e-marketing strategy is carried out by Islamic education institutions in various ways such as market segmentation, social media as the main media for promotion, advertising networks and hashtags, and the use of chat rooms as a medium of communication and information. Thus, the use of e-marketing in Islamic education institutions provides many facilities and more benefits for institutions, customers and cooperation between institutions.

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