An Empirical Study On Employer Branding To Attract And Retain Future Talents

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Dr. Poonam Kakkad, Dr. Kuldeep Sharma, Dr. Ajay Bhamare


All organizations dream and desire to employ preferably the top 20 percent of the talent pool. Known  the fact that the cream of graduates are favoured on choice when it comes to choosing an organization, HR professionals and strategists have been expending enormous amounts of time, energy and financial resources to earn the 'employer of choice' tag for their respective organizations.

One of the sources for hiring on which corporate rely heavily is the business schools. The present paper throws light on the traits students search for while selecting an organization to work with, these traits when incorporated helps to create employer brand and attract maximum talents to their organisations.

To conduct the investigation a sample size of 253 respondents was taken and data was collected through structured questionnaire. The findings depicted that the most influencing attributes that respondents look for, is ‘Growth and Opportunities’ and ‘Company Brand’. Using satirical tools like Means Score and ANOVA Test the hypothesis test revealed that there is a significant difference in Influencing Organisational attribute of ‘Salary and Perks’ across the type of Institution of respondents. The respondents of the Private Institutions consider ‘Salary and Perks’ as important influential attribute as compared to their peers from Government Institutions.

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