Outstanding Deterrents In Learning English As A Second Language With Special Reference To Bengali And Nepali Speaking Students

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Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh, Dr. Sandhya Sharma


The chief aim of this research paper is to discover the notable challenges and deterrents in learning English as a second language (ESL) with special reference to the South Asian languages (Bengali and Nepali) speaking students. It critically describes language learning methods with respect to these two South Asian languages. The research is based on experience and an experimental study. The paper has conducted an experimental study on 150 students learning English through various methods. There is a critical analysis of teaching methods with the help of the experimental study. It discloses the various patterns and features of these prominent South Asian languages of these countries. The paper concludes that the Direct Method is the best of all methods on account of code fixing habit in other methods with special reference to these speakers because these languages have quite different patterns and features. The paper finally gives some recommendations.

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