Study On Impact Of Talent Management On Employees Performance In An Organisation

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Dr. Anukool Manish Hyde, Neeta Jain


These days organization’s talent is its primary source of competitive advantage. Performance of organization depends upon performance of its employees. Employees of an organization who possess unique competence, prove that it will differentiate them from their competitors. In this competitive environment maintenance of talented workforce is a major task for HR managers along with acquisition. Talent management is a very critical and confusing task. Right Talent acquisition makes organization strategy more strong. Due to the current global economic situation, jobseekers in employment market has increased worldwide, but there is still scarcity of talent in different countries and sectors which leads to increasing problem of “Talent Mismatch”.As today’s corporate world requires a person with multitasking skill, talent acquisition is becoming very difficult. As a result, it is more challenging to find the ‘right’ person for the job. Not only job acquisition, even retention of talented workforce has become greatest challenge for organization. Today’s changing scenario of business require employee engagement for which HR has to act more tactically as it results as a great tool for talent management. Talent management focuses on how individuals enter, adjust, move across the organization. Talent management will succeed with the support of strong organizational structure. Finer talent management can change the future of the business, but it has to be given the primary role in the organization. If organization implements talent management strategies properly, it will enhance employee’s engagement which helps to upgrade organization performance. Higher employee engagement results in higher productivity. This study aims to recognize the relationship between talent management and organizational performance. This study is based on actual evidence build by literature reviews followed in this direction.

Researcher is considered to use different research papers, articles and literatures in order to recognize the positive relationship between talent management and organizational performance. This observed research paper will provide insights to HR managers to develop Talent management as a stratergic tool to build employee engagement and thereby upgrading organizational performance.

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