Hyflex Remover: The Top-Drawer Endodontic Retreatment Tool

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Dr. Niladri Maiti, Prof. Dr. Babacar Toure, Prof. Dr. Rachida Amezian


Endodontic retreatment is a complex procedure often required for various reasons. For a successful endodontic retreatment, it is necessary that all existing gutta-percha is cleared away, thus allowing the root canals to be reshaped. Generally, this requires the use of a solvent, which can prove toxic for patients. Thus, COLTENE has upgraded its file preparation sequence with the addition of a Hyflex remover, a file specifically designed for removal of gutta percha eliminating the need of any solvents. For nonsurgical endodontic retreatments, the REMOVER file will efficiently remove obturation material from the root canal minimizing the number of files to be used and hence making it an essential tool for all endodontic specialists.

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