Entrepreneurship And International Business Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic Times

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*Dr. Aruna Polisetty, Vijaya Kittu Manda


The Quick And Sudden Pace Of The Worldwide Spread Of The Covid-19 Virus Outbreak Caught Many By Surprise. Owing To The Rapid Spread, Theworld Health Organization (Who) Upgraded The Epidemic Into A Pandemic On March 11, 2020. (WHO, 2020) By The End Of March 2020, There As Many As 118,000 Registered Cases In 114 Countries, 4,291 Lives Already Lost, And Thousands More Battling For Incarnate In Hospitals By March 2020. Experience And Lessons From The Spanish Influenza Of 1918 Claimed 50 Million Lives – The Previous Scariest Pandemic Seemed To Have Been Forgotten.(Saqr & Wasson, 2020)The Covid-19 Pandemicis Predominantly A Health Crisis, A Mass Trauma, A Collective Woe, And Appeared To Be Questioning Humankind's Existence. Everything Overturned Suddenly - From Social Lives To Working Places And Tours And Travels. With Vaccine Availability Not In Any Immediate Insight, Global Lockdowns Appear To Be The Only Safeguards Available, Thereby Confining Everyone To Their Own Homes.(Verma, et al., 2020) As A Part Of The Response To The Pandemic,"Travel Restrictions And Border Closures Have Been An Important Part Of The Initial Policy Response To The Covid-19 Pandemic, And These Measures Have Directly Affected Trade In Goods And Services,"The Note Said. (Business Standard, 2020)

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