The Effect of Age of Acquisition and Language Mode on Bilingual Lexical Access , Acquisition, Semantics, and Cognitive Development

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Sahar Hammoudy, Prof. Dr.Muayyad Omran Chiad


In this study , the researcher examines and investigates the influence and role of the age on the acquisition of second language in it most important levels such as : language mode, bilingual lexical access , acquisition, semantics, and cognitive development.

This study is divided into two chapters . In Chapter one the researcher gives the reader a brief introduction about the study ; the study problem , the aims of the study and the value of his study. In chapter two , the researcher has started by defining the core concept of his study such as language mode, acquisition , second language acquisition etc. also , the researcher highlight the effect of age ­of­ acquisition and mode in  processing language .

In the conclusion , the researcher gives the reader an idea about what did he conclude and  the results of his study. 

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