Dramatizing Anti-Racism In Branden Jacobs-Jenkins"Gloria"

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Amaal Mohammed Ali Alabbasi, Prof. Dr Ansam Riyadh Abdullah Almaaroof


The Social Literary Criticism Underpins This Study. Literary Work Is A Reflection Of Human Existence, Expressing A Wide Range Of Human Emotions, Feelings, And Behaviours. Through Literary Art, People Can Transcend Human Ingenuity Into Something Larger Than Life And Beyond Their Imagination. Racism Has Been The Subject Of Numerous References, Scientific Studies, And Literary Works. “Gloria” By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Is One Of The Literary Works That Analyze Such Phenomena. The Researcher Is Classed As A Literary Critic Since She Evaluates And Analyzes The Selected Literary Work To Achieve The Study's Objectives. The Researcher Looks At This Literary Endeavour From Two Angles: Intrinsic And Extrinsic And Then Applies Genetic Structuralism Theory. This Paper Tries To Answer Some Questions Such As “Do Asians In America Confront A Variety Of Forms Of White Racism?” And “ What Are The Important Things For Asians To Continue Their Struggle Against Racism And Win Equity?”.

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