IoT based Covid Patient health monitor during self quarantine

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R. Jai Ganesh, A. Arun Kumar, B. Devisri, P. Pragadeesh, N. Srivathsan


Since the advent of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) illness pandemic in 2019, social separation and quarantining have become normal procedures around the world. Frequent hospital appointments are minimized due to full adoption of the above control procedures. However, some people's physiological vital needs still necessitate routine monitoring in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Interaction based hospital visits were already considered non-obligatory, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, smart home automation, and healthcare services. To that purpose, a virtual smart home healthcare care plan is proposed for monitoring patients' condition and obtaining prescriptions from doctors while at residence. Aside from that, doctors can diagnose illnesses using data collected virtually from the patient. For effective patient’s doctor’s dual real time communication, an Android-based mobile application that connects with an internet application is built. Sensors are built into the system to capture physiological health parameters of patients automatically. Increased body temperature, an irregular heart rate, and a coughing are the most prevalent Covid19 symptoms. This proposed project will detect these indications and ensure that an individual's basic health is monitored. Heart rate and body temperature monitoring are usually highly significant because anomalies in either can suggest other underlying conditions such as fat, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, flu, and so on. In times of pandemic, the need of a health-monitoring system has become even higher than previously. Finally this work planned to use sensors, communication modules with internet- mobile application pair to monitor the COVID patient from their home itself. In this paper it was discussed and proposed very clearly.

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