A Study On Teacher Qualifications & Teaching Quality

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Dr. Sushma Shirish Tirhekar


A study on prolonged public disagreement & heated discussions regarding impact of Teacher‘s Qualifications on Teacher‘s Teaching Quality. Researches proved that teachers are the most vital support to design the lifeline of student‘s careers, yet there are few complexities to draft the simplicity of features of an effective teacher. The first part of the research contains a detailed analysis of the required qualifications for being a teaching staff and why and how the UGC has made some certificates and degrees obligatory for being a teaching staff. It synthesizes the changes made on the teaching staff`s professional development and issues around the themes. The review focuses on to check whether the various policies adopted by regulatory bodies for teacher education, hiring, licensing would really make any impact on qualification capacity that teachers carry. This paper works on the measures of quality teaching such as experience, practical exposure, etc. The paper concludes by remarking various loopholes and their explications; it concludes that the effectiveness of  the profession has been degraded due to various amendments and changes brought in to the teaching.


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