Automated Alert Response And Monitoring System Using Smart City Principles

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A Samydurai, G Kumaresan, Abel Rathan Jacob, Balaj S , BalaMurugan.V


The automated alert response system is mainly designed to automatically respond to any illegal or emergency scenarios where human response can get delayed the main goal of our proposal is to minimize the time taken for reacting to an emergency thus saving valuable data that may get lost due to the delay. In a smart city environment we are being provided with loads of valuable data which are being wasted. our proposal aims to utilize such data from city infrastructures to detect certain emergency situations and understand its nature using data analysis principles to provide alerts further more we aim to facilitate these alerts with automated response using unmanned vehicles (drones, rovers)so that the response time can be minimized along with identifying fake alerts as well as the intensity of the situation can be understood and information can be sent to the officials to help them prepare for the situation at hand.

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