Rehabilitation Of Woman During Partition

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Naresh Kumar


 The Partition Of India Into Two Sovereign States Has Been A Unique Example In The World History Which Led To The Mass Migration Of People In Crucial And Most Adverse Circumstances. The Communal Violence That Shook Northern India In The Month Before And After Partition Was Dramatic; So Were The Refugee Movements, Who Scale Even At That Time Was Described As Unprecedented In Human History. Mass Murder, Arson, Abduction And Rape Of Women And Looting Were The General Phenomenon In Both The Sides. The Number Of Casualties From The Upheaval Was Estimated To Be Between 2, 00,000 To 2, 50,000 Non- Muslims And Equal Number Of Muslims. The Province Of Punjab Was The Worst Affected Area In The Process. Nearly 5 Million Hindus And Sikhs Were Uprooted From Their Homes In West Pakistan In The Wake Of Partition. Out Of These, Nearly 2.7 Million Displaced Persons Resettled In East Punjab Alone.

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