Applying the Experiential Learning Model of John Dewey and David Kolb to Design Experiential Activities for Elementary Pupils

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Loc Nguyen , Thi My Linh Doan


The experiential activity is a compulsory educational activity in primary school which aims at implementing the innovation targets of general education and pays much attention to ability development. Experiential activity is held through 3 forms: under-flag activities, chairman activities and educational activities under subject. This article clarifies the process of acquiring knowledge and forming learners' abilities in experiential education of academic theories and experiential studying according to the experiential studying model made by John Dewey and David Kolb. And then proposes experiential activity organization for primary schools' pupils in proportion to organization forms of experiential activities in primary schools. The experiential activity organization procedure designed covers 8 steps. Each step in procedure clearly shows the roles of the teacher in organizing, leading, and controlling the educational process in harmony with the learning process of the learner. This procedure is applied to designing and organizing the experiential activity organization for primary schools' pupils suitably to contents, properties and targets of general education program.

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