The Role of Big Data in the Holistic Development of the Logistics Sector: Challenges,

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Viet Duc Bui , Hoang Phuong Nguyen


Internet of Things and Logistics are constantly integrating deeply after the explosion of the 4.0th science and technology revolution. The scale and network of logistics coverage for economic activities can expand comprehensively thanks to pioneering technologies such as big data analytics and cloud computing. In the future, big data will drastically transform modes of transportation and supply chains. In the context of big data and fierce competition, the logistics industry needs to seize the opportunity to improve capacity, operational efficiency and optimize resource use. The focus of this review is to highlight the role of big data in the transformation and resilience of the logistics industry to the new opportunities and achievements of the fourth industrial revolution. Moreover, the challenges and opportunities for the 4th generation logistics are also focused on assessing through recently published literature that is directly related to the topic of Big Data and Logistics. Finally, the current status and prospects of applying Big Data to develop, modernize and optimize for the logistics sector are discussed before conclusions and recommendations are presented.

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