A study of Factors Affecting the Anxiety Level of Working Females in Education Sector during COVID 19 Pandemic

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Dr Shumayela Hasan, Dr Anshika Rajvanshi, Dr Sonia Singla


This study is aimed to identify the factors which lead to psychological pressure and simultaneously check the anxiety level among working females in the Education Sector, during the COVID 19 pandemic. A sample of 200 females working as teachers was taken for the study. To identify the Psychological factors that lead to Anxiety EFA was run. Multiple regression was run to find out the factors that are affecting the anxiety level significantly. The results of the study found that Four factors are influencing the anxiety in working women i.e. Job Security, Work Life balance, Future Planning and Social Support & belongingness out of these Job security has the highest impact on anxiety. Further result finds that out of the sample 19% show symptoms of severe anxiety, 23% of respondents are showing symptoms of moderate level of anxiety and 58% of the respondents are under mild anxiety level during this pandemic.

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