Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Criminal Justice System: An Insightful Analysis

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Dr. Samrat Datta , Dr. Shailendra Kumar


The domain of criminal justice administration is dynamic in nature and a plethora of changes is being witnessed by the same. It is indeed important to understand the fact that today the criminal justice system is functioning only due to the fact that it has adopted the new façade and is never stringent to not to cater to the ardent necessities which change from time to time. Also, the impact of the new technology on the criminal justice administration helps it to deliver justice easily and more effectively. Criminal Justice Administration in India has developed over a tumultuous period and understands the relevance to adopt to new technology. The paradigm of artificial intelligence helps in proper analysis of the system and also encourages the usage of advanced methods for crime detection and punishment of criminals. The critical aspect of artificial intelligence is that the elderly people and senior officials don’t consider it as an easy access instead they consider that it is an unnecessary burden. They try to hold on to the stereotypical traditional methods of crime detection which ceases to lose importance in the current world. The paper focusses on the role played by artificial intelligence in crime detection and tracking of criminals. It emphasizes the need for using artificial intelligence in criminal investigation and suggests the measures that can be implemented for the benefit of the Indian Criminal Justice Administration.

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