Optimisation Of Aluminium Alloy Squeeze Cast Parameters Lm 13/ Sic On Mechanical Properties

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S Vellingiri,A Thirumoorthy,K Kandasamy,T Mugilan, M.S. Srinidhi


Aluminum metal matrix composites are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of automotive applications. The squeeze casting process meets the primary demand for refined pore-free and near-net-shape composites. This paper describes the properties of an LM13 matrix created by reinforcing silicon carbide (SIC) particles using the squeeze casting method. The experiments were designed using the L9 taguchi orthogonal to investigate the effects of squeeze casting process parameters such as squeeze pressure, die temperature, and reinforcement weight percentage on density(), micro-hardness(VH), and tensile strength (Rm). Until now, no studies have been conducted to improve the properties of the composite under applied pressure conditions using silicon carbide particles with the addition of LM13 stirred under ultrasonic vibration. The absolute influence process variables that were accounted for resulted in good casting. These were to be analysed using Taguchi techniques to determine the signal-to-noise ratio. According to the findings, the squeeze pressure and weight percentage of sic are the most influential process parameters for improving mechanical properties. In order to optimise process parameter castings, microstructure analyses must be performed.

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