The Use Of New Technologıes In Teachıng Englısh Durıng Covıd-19

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Isa Spahiu, Naim Kryeziu


At The End Of 2019, Most Countries Were Affected By The Sars-Cov-2 Virus, Which Causes A Disease Known As Covıd-19. As Every Sector Was Affected By This Situation, The Education Sector Also Sought Ways To Cope With The Negativities Created By This Situation. The Lack Of İnfrastructure Or The Need For Support İn Most Of The Educational İnstitutions İn This Sense Caused The Education To Be İnterrupted For A While. Education Had To Be Started İn A Different Way That No Teacher Or Student Was Prepared For, Namely Through Distance Education And Online Teaching. In This Article, The Role Of Technology İn Teaching English İn The Pandemic Process Has Been Evaluated And The Subject Has Been Supported By Twitter Statistics. The Policy Makers Of This Article Critically Evaluated The Ways Teachers Need To Develop The Digital Skills Needed To Use Technology Effectively For Self-İmprovement, Encourage Them To Use These Skills As Part Of Their Practice, And The When, Where, How, And Whether Of These New Teaching Methods. It İs Thought That This Study Emphasizes Teaching Methods İn The Context Of Technology And A Few Supportive Factors That Can Help Teachers Adopt New Technology Will Guide English Teaching.

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