Street Food Vendors: The Case Of Nekemte Town 03 Kebele Jitu Area

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Lemessa Amente Goboto, Surafel Addisu


The Study Sought To Examine Street Vendor’s Activities Of 03 Kebele Of Nekemte Town. The Study Conducted In 03kebele Of Nekemte Town,03kebele Was Purposeful Selected, Since Because The Researcher Is Familiar To The Area And Also Currently Lived In The Kebele Which Helped Him To Observe The Daily Activities Of The Street Vendors. Data Were Collected From Street Vendors, Kebele Administrator’s, Customers Through Interviews And Participant Observations So As To Triangulate The Evidence.From The Findings Of The Study It Revealed That Street Food Vending Is Highly Practiced In The Kebele And Street Food Vendor’ Has Great Contribution To The Customers, In Providing Fresh Vegetables, Fruits And Fast Foods.Though, It Significantly Helped To Reduce Unemployment, Increased Incomes Of Vendors And Provided Urban Residents With Inexpensive And Varied Indigenous Meals. The Study Also Revealed That There Are Basic Challenges Entangled Food Vendors, One Is, And They Don’t Pay Taxes For The Government, The Place Of Vending Is Also Not Designed For Such Activity And The Other Is Hygienic.

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