Waiting Time Analysis Of A Multiple – Server Queuing System In Covid – 19 Government Hospital In India

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K.Srinivasa Rao, Venugopal Reddi, T.Venkateswarlu, U.V.Adinarayana Rao,


This Research Paper Focused On Multiple Lines, Multiple Server Systems Of Patients In Covid -19 Government Hospital In India. The Underlying Mathematical Concepts Of Queue Models: Arrival And Service Time Distributions, Queue Disciplines, And Queue Behavior. The Operating Characteristic Formulas For The Multiple-Server Queueing Model Meant To Evaluate The Performance Of Practical Queuing Systems Were Also Presented. Patients' Arrival Time And Service Time Spent To Obtain Maintenance Were Gathered And Evaluated. Various Percentages Of Typical Advent Period Combined With A Facility Period Were Found To Assess The Best Assistance Services (Servers) Suitable For A Government Hospital. The Operation Element, Along With The Usual Delaying Period Of The Consumer Appearing In The Structure, Lingered At 0.176 And 0.152, Correspondingly.

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