Securing Green IoT Infrastructure Using Blockchain Based Machine Learning Intrusion detection system

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Abdurazzag A Aburas, Hassan Adegbola Afolabi


Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology which enables several devices to be connected together in unprecedented ways in the smart world. Regardless of the diverse benefits offered by IoT connected devices, it comes along with several environmental threats due to huge energy consumption amongst IoT devices which embraces toxic pollutions and E-waste. Hence, to optimize the advantages of IoT there lies an important need to move towards green IoT. Cloud computing on the other hand has been successfully used to provide unlimited computational storage and services for numerous IoT devices over the internet. Sadly, security issues in cloud computing for green IoT is also a challenge. Furthermore, blockchain technology is transforming several application areas of IoT by allowing a decentralized environment. IoT systems can be properly secured against threats and attacks when combined with blockchain technology. Motivated by achieving a sustainable environment for IoT and its robustness against threats and attacks, this research presents an overview regarding green IoT technologies and the strategies used to minimize energy consumption in IoT. Additionally, it presents research challenges on security and privacy issues in green IoT and focuses on how to integrate blockchain technologies in Green IoT environment to prevent attacks, and the possible combination of blockchain technology with intrusion detection systems.

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