Does Hrm Practices And Integrity Impact Performance In Malaysia: The Mediating Role Of Job Satisfaction

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Chong KokYeow, Daisy Mui Hung Kee


The articles describes a new method research aims to investigate the HRM practices and integrity as a determinant for police officers’ performance in Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) in Malaysia. Thus, this research aims to find out the HRM practices and integrity in RMP in terms of its effectiveness in managing police officers.  This study is using the survey research design. The study population involves 369 police officers who are currently working in Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) in the Klang Valley located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The total of the responses was collected directly using a structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using the SmartPLS 3.2.9 software. The results of our analysis have confirmed the following: (1) HRM practices and integrity have a positive and direct relationship with police officers' performance, and (2) HRM practices and integrity have an indirect relationship with performance mediated by job satisfaction. Based on our findings, it can be summarized that information mediates the linkage between HRM practices and performance, which is empirically significant. Also, information significantly mediates the connection between integrity and performance. Therefore, the study findings work as evidence about new realization among the RMP police officers in Malaysia about the importance of adapting the HRM practices and integrity in public sector.

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