Characterization of Pre COVID-19 poverty associated with human capital in rural areas of Perú

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Belinda Navarro, Hector Carlos, Edwin Delgado, Marina Oré, Karim Roca


The study was carried out in order to determine the influence of human capital on household poverty in the province of Ica, in the period 2019.

The research was of an applied type, explanatory level and ex post-facto design, correlational of transactional cut, using a sample of 384 households, for data collection the survey technique and documentary analysis were used.

From the comprehensive diagnosis, (54.69%) their monthly income is from 931 to 1500 soles, where (54.17%) their expenses are in food, (50.78%) carry out temporary jobs, (13.28%) has completed university education, In the event of illness, (50.26%) goes to a rural health post, When contrasting the hypothesis, the null hypothesis is rejected, accepting the alternative hypothesis, where (75%) determines that human capital significantly influences poverty in households in the province of Ica.

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