Conceptual framework of Google’ s Online Learning Tools for Python Programming Activity on Challenge-Based Learning

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Chacharin Lertyosbordin, Sorakrich Maneewan, Surapon Boonlue


The objective of this study was creation and assessment suitability of Conceptual framework of Google’ s online learning tools for Python programing activity on challenge-based learning.  From the study, Google Online learning tool for Python programming activity on challenge-based learning was composed of 1) Google Classroom, 2) Google Meet, 3) Google Jamboard, 4), 5) Google Colaboratory, 6) Google Site, 7) YouTube, 8) Google Doc, 9) Google Sheet, and 10) Google Slide. The Conceptual framework comes from procedure of arranging tools; in process of challenge-based learning; by using Google Classroom, environment. Moreover, appropriateness of the conceptual framework was strongly agree (Mean= 4.69, S.D. = 0.46), from 4 of Educational Technology experts and 3 of Computer Engineering experts.

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