Adaptation Of Authentic Hadith Requirements As A Method Of Determining The Authenticity Of Islamic Information Communication

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Muhammad Taufik Md Sharipp, S Salahudin Suyurno, Abdul Rauf Ridzuan, Zulkefli Haji Aini, Mohammad Fahmi Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Faidz Mohd Fadzil


The condition of authentic hadith is the method of ʻulum al-hadith outlined by the muhaddithīn (hadith scholars) to determine the degree of authentic hadith. This is to ensure that a hadith is protected from distortion and falsification. Knowledge such as this requirement is designed to justify the authenticity of the process of transferring hadith matan (text of hadith) through the correct sanad (chain of narration). This study found that these conditions can be adapted as determinants of the authenticity of Islamic information. Therefore, this paper has two main objectives. The first objective is to identify the requirements of authentic hadith. Meanwhile, the second objective is to analyse the requirements to be adopted in the method to determine the authenticity of Islamic information communication. Content analysis and library methods were used to address both issues. In conclusion, it is found that the elements of requirements of authentic hadith, namely continuous chain of narration, impartiality of the narrator, excellence of the narrator’s memory, and there is no doubt on the sanad and matan can be used as a method to determine the authenticity of Islamic information communication..

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