Emerging Competent Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Prediction of Crops

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Vijayalaxmi Kadrolli


India’s ecosystem is still in a non-developed state and a low level of intelligence is showcased. Yet being a farming nation, the people are proud of what they produce. India is one of the biggest producers of agricultural products including major crops for red gram and groundnut, but not much attention is given to the way it is produced. The choices of the farmer and the combination of crops they cultivate represent a biodiversity strategy which offers a conservation technique for the bio-diversity of crop cultivation, which is extremely important for the long-term goals of sustainability of the modern agriculture which uses input of high energy. This paper discusses and looks upon the issues related to the alternate pathways for development in agriculture, mainly in the seeds of groundnut, along with the alternate cultivation of crops, prediction of crops placed in the context of a better sustainable landscape management plan in dry land agriculture.

In dry land, low productivity of the crops maybe because of various damaging factors and parameters. This paper presents review of different AI based approaches that monitors the soil and nutrient patterns in dry-land agriculture also utilizing crops which fits for the suitable land which helps production and also the sustainability of the economic condition of the formers. The system helps in increasing the gains and profits by utilizing accurate details on dry-land agriculture in dry-land area.

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