Motivation-Behavior Of High Tech Entrepreneurship In The Aerospace Industry In India

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Krishna Murari, Dr.Suman Pathak


The Aerospace Sector Is Very Different From Other Sectors As It Needs High Capital Investment, Continuous Technology Advancement Along With The Drawbacks Of Low-Profit Margin And High Gestation Period.  Indian Aerospace Industry Is Growing Fast Due To High Demand In Civil And Military Aviation. The Structure Of The Industry Is Changing Fast, And Opening Up For The Start-Ups At Tier 3 And Tier 2 Levels.  It Provides Scope For Innovation And Creativity. Engineers And Scientists Can Use Their Expertise And Become Entrepreneurs. This Paper Emphasizes That There Are Huge Opportunities For Startups In The Aerospace Industry In India Due To The Higher Rate Of Growth Supported By The Government, Availability Of Human Resources, And Investment By Big Original Equipment Manufacturers. This Paper Has Analyzed The Growth Of The Aerospace Industry And Its Changing Shape Resulting In Scope For Entrepreneurship, High-Tech Entrepreneurship, And The Motivation-Behavior Factors For The Entrepreneurship Identified By The Researchers, The Entrepreneurs And The Industry Experts. The Motivating Factors Identified By Them Include Role Models, Education In The Field, Work Experience In An Aerospace Company, Patriotism, Childhood Dream, Opportunities In The Sector, Freedom To Become An Entrepreneur, To Be Own Boss, Push Beyond Status Quo, Research Orientation, Ability To Work On Cutting Edge Technologies, Support From Original Equipment Manufacturers And The Government, And Availability Of Required Human Resources At A Low-Cost.  A Conceptual Framework Has Been Developed In The Paper Which Can Be Used For Further Research In The Field. As No Specific Research Is Found In This Field, This Paper Opens Up A New Avenue For Research In This Field.

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