Studies on Banana Insect Pest complex in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia

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Mohamed A.M. Iesa


The study was conducted during crop growing seasons of 2015 to 2016. Broad range surveys were conducted in all banana growing areas of India and various information collected were presented.  A total of nine insect species and nematodes were found to damage banana crop from start of rhizome growth till harvesting of fruit. The major insect species discussed were rust thrips, aphids, rhizome weevils, pseudostem borer, fruit scarring beetles, hard scales, Tingid bugs and nematodes. During the survey information about banana cultivation and production constraints were collected from farmers using questionnaire, discussion, meetings, cross talks and personal calls. For more accurate update regarding banana pest complex the old aged farmers and heads of communities were contacted and information was collected. Pest Management practices followed by farmers were collected and latest information about insect pest damage and diagnosis were sheared to farmers..

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