An Exploration into the Management Theory of Chinese University Student Music Groups

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Sun Jianhua


In the colleges and universities of China, various student associations emerge one after another. Among them, music groups are highly valued and concerned by university administrators due to their own professional characteristics. They are not only an important part of campus culture, but also undertake the management tasks of students in colleges and universities, such as “extracurricular activities” and music aesthetic education. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job in the management of music groups in colleges and universities. As far as the work task of the music groups is concerned, it mainly contains two parts: on the one hand, it supplements the relevant music knowledge for college students; on the other hand, it achieves the ultimate goal of managing students through the path of music aesthetic education. Quite different from the previous administrative management and social management, the management theory of student music groups must take into account the actual characteristics of college students. While achieving the purpose of “teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish”, it must also fully explore students’ love for music, so as to achieve the practical significance of coexisting education and management. As the dual identity of music educator and administrator of higher education in China, the author deeply understands the significance of combining education and management. In this regard, starting from the basic concept of Chinese student music groups, this paper intends to combine the actuality of students’ own development, and comprehensively explore a path that will meet the characteristics of the development of student music groups in colleges and universities in China in terms of education and management.

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